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Hey guys! I'm so extremely excited to have found this community. I absolutely ABSOLUTELY LOVE SO WEIRD!! I love it. Although it sucked after Fi left and Annie came on. But I have so many of the episode. My favorite is the TWIN episode where Fi finally gets to say goodbye to her dad. oo and then The Siren episode. I loved it oo and also Rebecca. That one was good. I'm pissed though that its not on DVD. It needs to be. I watch So Weird when I'm sick. Its my fave show. As you can tell but yeah. I love it. I even sang Like A River for my high school talent show 3 years ago. Accappella I did it again 2 years ago but with Christina Aguilera's I'm Ok song. But I love so weird. I MISS SO WEIRD!! I'm not too fond of the shows that they have on disney now. What happened to Jett Jackson, In A Heartbeat. Those shows? Where did they all go?
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In a Heartbeat was awesome. I'd kill to see an episode of that again.

Welcome to the community!