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Hey, I just joined but I've been a hardcore fan of So Weird since 1999. And I miss it SO damn much...I remember how I used to stay up 'till 11 or midnight just to watch it. I taped so many episodes but I eventually recorded over them thinking it would come out on DVD or VHS =( I was proved wrong and Disney was stupid and didn't. Like many people have probably said already, but it would be amazing if they made a soundtrack too (love the music). For right now, I think everyone would agree with me, we're all shooting for Disney or some other station to air it again...I hope they do. It sucks because I barely remember any of the episodes...I do but vaguely...So Weird <333

I was browsing on youtube and I found 2 clips from So Weird (one is REALLY blurry and it has some weird clicking sound in the background (not that noticeable) but it's Molly singing Rebecca and the other is a short clip). Thought I would share:

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