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reflections on McKenzie Phillips

I've been listening to So Weird music and it occured to me that Disney isn't giving McKenzie Phillips justice.
Did any of yall know she was in a movie awhile back too that they hardly ever show?
I wonder why they ignore the movie and the fact that this show even exists any more.
Cause lets face it - this is some of the best music since lion king.
So why are they ignoring it?
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Ugh - that movie! Double Teamed! I never saw it and it was finally on again a couple weeks ago, if you can believe that, so I had it all set to be TiVo'ed and MY DAD CANCELLED IT TO WATCH A BALLGAME!!!!!!! Ahhhh... lol. I was so annoyed. And they'll probably never ever show it again and I'll never see it. Although my sister said it wasn't good, but whatever, it's Mackenzie! I agree with you -- I think she's incredible. I have her Lifetime biography on tape and I watch it sometimes just as a reminder of how awesome she is. I wish she was doing more stuff right now... the most recent thing I saw her do was two episodes of Pet Star on Animal Planet. Not very exciting.
oye - actually depending on what tivo you got it'll end up recording two things at the same time. Me and mom havent quite figured that out yet.

I don't know why she's not more popular but she fits in more of a folk lore genre and i don't watch lifetime so i get too watch her even less. Double Teamed - was okay. I'm getting tired of Disney's cliche' movies. Sadly... I think she's got like - three parts in the whole dang movie?
Awesome! The Rock is just about my favorite song from So Weird. I didn't like DoubleTeamed so was kind of for ppl who enjoy watching the typical sports/growing up movie and I'm not that kind of person.
Mackenzie Philips really is awesome considering what her childhood was like and how strong she is to get control over her life again.

I don't know why Disney channel ever even cancelled this show and why they refuse to put it on DVD, but that is the exact reason I'm Anti-Disney Channel.